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1. Owner-Occupied(4%) Property transferred into Trusts
2. What can I do if I don't agree with the value of my property?
3. How can I have my mailing address corrected on my tax notice?
4. How are taxes calculated?
5. My mortage company pays my taxes. Why did I receive the tax notice?
6. My lender went up on my mortgage payment because of the increase in taxes. Can this be right?
7. How can I or my mortage company estimate what the taxes will be on my home?
8. How is my property appraised and often does the county reappraise property?
9. My name is misspelled on my tax notice. How can I get it corrected?
10. I recieved a tax notice in the wrong name of for property that I don't own. What should I do with it?
11. I am recenty divorced. How do I get my former spouse's name from the tax notice?
12. I want to move my moible home out of York County. What do I need to do?
13. I purchased a mobile home/ land package deal. The attorney handled my paperwork . Why is the mobile home still in the prior owner's name and how do i change it?
14. Why do I have to get a mobile home permit?
15. I purchased a mobile home from a dealer / individual. I have not recieved a tax notice. What should I do?
16. I recieved a rollback tax notice(s). What is this for?
17. I no longer own a mobile home. How do I get the tax notice out of my name?
18. What is Point of Sale / Assessable Transfer of Interest?
19. I paid my taxes as closing. Why am I getting a tax notice?
20. How can I verify property ownership?