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1. Is there a cut off time for recording documents?
2. Where can I go to receive legal advice?
3. What if there is a problem on my credit report?
4. Can I mail in my document for recording?
5. Can I get blank forms at the ROD?
6. What if I find an error in the records?
7. Will I get my original document back?
8. Can I record a certified copy of a document?
9. Can I look up documents online?
10. What documents can I look up at the ROD?
11. What form of payment is accepted and what are the recording fees for documents?
12. Where can I get a marriage license or copy of marriage certificate?
13. Where can I get a copy of a birth or death certificate?
14. Who do I contact regarding criminal charges on my record?
15. Who do I contact regarding a civil case, judgement, or lis pendens?
16. Who do I contact regarding child support, adoptions, or divorce?
17. Who do I contact regarding a traffic ticket?
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