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1. What to Expect When You Open an Estate
2. How do I prepare an Estate Inventory
3. What is required to apply for a marriage license?
4. What if an applicant does not have a social security or resident alien number?
5. What is the waiting period for a marriage license?
6. After the 24 hour waiting period has expired, do both applicants need to be present to pick up the marriage license?
7. Can the license be mailed after the 24 hour waiting period?
8. Can I view marriage license or estate records for York County online?
9. Can someone else pick up my marriage license for me?
10. Will the marriage license expire?
11. How do I obtain a certified copy of my marriage license?
12. I had a death in my family, do I need to probate the estate and will I need an appointment?
13. Can I use a South Carolina marriage license in another state?
14. How do I qualify to receive a $50 state income tax credit when applying for a marriage license?
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