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1. Does York County serve my property with water and sewer utilities?
2. How can I get a fire hydrant flow test done for my project?
3. Whom do I speak with about obtaining a septic permit?
4. Where can I find the water and sewer rates for York County?
5. Once I connect to York County's public water system, can I continue to use my private well?
6. Are there any plans to extending water and sewer service to my area?
7. Can I connect to York County's sewer facilities without connecting to the County's water facilities?
8. How can I get on York County's bidder's list for water and sewer facility projects?
9. Can I build something within a York County water or sewer easement?
10. Where can I get drawings showing the location of York County water and sewer facilities?
11. How can I get my water tested?
12. Who do I contact regarding my septic system?
13. How can I get my utilities located?