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1. May I inspect the case file for a property that is to be sold?
2. Where is the foreclosure auction held and at what time?
3. Do I have to register to attend the auction?
4. How do I inspect the property for sale prior to the sale?
5. What is the bidding process?
6. What is a deficiency judgment, and how does it affect the bidding process?
7. If I am the successful bidder, how and when do I have to pay the purchase price?
8. If I do not make payment by the required time, what happens?
9. Will I receive title to the property free and clear of all other claims?
10. Am I responsible for tax liens or other claims against the property?
11. Do you handle tax lien sales?
12. If I am the successful bidder, when can I take possession of the property?
13. What do I have to do to gain possession of the property after I have a deed if it is still occupied by another party?
14. What document do I give my lender to show my purchase price?