York County provides GIS data in spatial database format at no cost.  

Follow the links below to obtain our data. You can download the entire layer or just 'extract' a small area.

Please note the data available for download here has had certain information removed due to our privacy ordinance.  

Additionally, York County does not maintain many parcel data attributes known as 'CAMA Data' (such as square footage, rooms, year built) in table form (instead, this is found on hardcopy cards).

**Parcel property information available does not include mailing address, owner or previous owner.  The physical address point data is not available for download or extraction.

If you are a federal, state or local government staff please contact us and we can supply this information to you (addresses and parcels with no information removed).  If you are private sector and have a contract to provide services to federal, state or local government and need this information, email us at gis@yorkcountygov.com with the details of your request and the sponsoring contact name with the agency you are working for.


If you are not a government employee or contractor, you may make a FOIA request for this information to the Public Information Officer.  


For those not in need of information removed due to our privacy ordinance, use the links below to obtain our GIS data.


GIS Data Download Instructions (for countywide layers, read this document)

GIS Data Extraction Instructions (to extract a small area, read this blog post )