Responsible for recruiting new employees for vacant positions, managing training, benefit and classification/compensation programs for existing York County Employees and processing a bi-weekly payroll for +850 employees.


  • Recruit applicants for vacant positions for all county departments
  • Manage benefits programs for employees (i.e. medical, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance coverages; S.C. Retirement, S.C. Deferred Compensation etal. )
  • Implement and maintain employee sick/vacation/holiday and compensatory leave policies
  • Manage and oversee implementation of Federal laws governing Family & Medical Leave
  • Input and process biweekly payroll according to county policies and Federal Fair Labor Standards to ensure employees are paid appropriately
  • Manage a classification/compensation program for employees which provides job descriptions and appropriate pay levels based on skill and educational requirements
  • Manage an employee training program to which assists employees in gaining information to improve their technical and conceptual skills to improve their overall performance
  • Provide assistance to employees and retirees as needed

This Office Does Not

  • Make hiring decisions regarding employment vacancies. Department heads have that responsibility. HR does perform necessary background checks and monitors new hire drug screen procedures.
  • Does not discuss individual medical information with providers or employees due to Federal HIPPA privacy laws.

Current job openings are posted on this web site. If you are interested in applying, you may fill out an on-line application. Applications are only accepted for current job openings.

York County is an equal opportunity employer.


How do I apply for employment vacancies and where are they listed?
Information on vacancies can be found at the Human Resources Department, on the York County website and by contacting the JOB LINE at (803) 684-8564. Citizens may apply “on-line” at the county website for any employment vacancies or may come to the HR office and apply on computers provided at HR.
Who determines how much sick leave, vacation leave or compensatory time employees may accrue and how it is accrued?
Leave time policies are set by the County Personnel Ordinance. Overtime rules are governed by Federal Law.
When may employees make changes to their insurance plans?
During annual enrollment employees may make changes to their insurance plans. This occurs each October with an effective date of January the following year.  Employees may add or delete dependents only during Open Enrollment which happens every other year (even numbered years) in October with effective dates of January the following year.  Adding or deleting dependents may also occur within 31 days of a family change such as a new baby, marriage, divorce, or spouse losing coverage.