The Finance Office maintains the financial records of the County and is responsible for compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and with principles prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.


  • Conducts day-to-day accounting functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger transactions
  • Manages debt service for county and school districts
  • Projection of revenues and expenditures for long and short term planning
  • Works with County Department Heads and County Manager's Office to prepare a balanced, conservative and fiscally sound budget for the Manager to recommend to County Council
  • Collects local accommodations and hospitality taxes
  • Provides grant administration
  • Conducts countywide internal control reviews
  • Works with the Independent Auditors to prepare the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

This Office Does Not

  • Have authority to create or change tax bills
  • Have authority to alter hours for payroll purposes
  • Have authority to expend unbudgeted funds
  • Have authority to establish or change assessed values 

The Treasurer/Finance Department consists of two main components, Finance and Tax Collection. The Tax Collection component includes all services related to the collection of county, municipal, and school taxes (current and delinquent) as billed by the county Auditor and Tax Assessor Offices. You may view and pay your taxes online. The Tax Collection Office also collects water/sewer and landfill payments.]


2016 Property Tax Installment Pre-Payment Plan click here


Hospitality Capital Application – Deadlines for Capital Applications are: 

                                                          Round One

June 30th              Application Deadline for submittal to Committee

October 1st          Recommendation sent to Council Finance and Operations Committee

December 30th   Council Decision


Round Two

January 1st         Application Deadline for submittal to Committee

April 1st               Recommendation sent to Council Finance and Operations Committee

June 30th            Council Decision


If you have questions, please contact Tracy Mattevi, Deputy Treasurer @ 803-909-7180


Where can I get a copy of the County budget and audit reports?
Copies of the County budget and audit reports are available on this website and at all branches of the York County Library.
Where do I get a business license?
The County does not require a business license in the unincorporated areas of York County, therefore does not issue business licenses.  If your business is located within city limits, you should contact the city to see if a city license is required.
Can I pay my taxes online?
You may pay your taxes online by going to the online services link on the front page of York County website.
I have not received my tax notice for my vehicle.
The York County Auditor's Office can determine the status of your vehicle tax notice. York Office Phone: (803) 684-8501. Rock Hill Office Phone: (803) 909-7171
I have a question about the assessed value for my home.
The York County Tax Assessor's Office can explain the assessed value of your home. York Office Phone: (803) 684-8526.
How can I get a high mileage adjustment on my vehicle?
The York County Auditor's Office can determine if your vehicle meets the requirements for a high mileage adjustment.
How can I get the homestead exemption on my home?
The York County Auditor's Office can provide you the information you need to apply for the homestead exemption.
How can I get a tax bill deleted for a boat that I no longer own?
You will need to contact the York County Auditor's Office to have the current year tax bill deleted.  In order to prevent billing in future year's, you will need to contact the Department of Natural Resources. York Office Phone:(803) 684-8501. Rock Hill Office Phone: (803) 909-7171.
Does the County have a local accommodations tax ordinance?
Yes, the County does have a local accommodations tax ordinance.  All hotels located in the unincorporated areas of York County are to collect 3% for the local accommodations tax and those collections should be submitted to the County by the 20th of the following month.    The State also requires collection of accommodations tax. That amount is 2% and is submitted directly to the Department of Revenue by using the state tax form ST 388.    To apply for Accommodations Tax funding, please call Beth Latham at 684-8503 or send your agency contact information by email to  The York County Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee meets annually in April and May to review applications and submit their recommendation to County Council.
Does the County have a local hospitality tax?
Yes, the County does have a local hospitality tax ordinance. All restuarants and bars located in the unincorporated area are to collect 2% on their gross proceeds from sales of food and beverage. Restuarants and bars located in Hickory Grove, McConnells, Sharon and Smyrna must collect 1%. The collections are to be submitted on a monthly basis to the York County Finance Department by the 20th of the following month. Uses of these funds are based on state law and recommendations are submitted to County Council by the Hospitality Tax Advisory Committee