• Improve and maintain all roads under York County's jurisdiction
  • Install and repair asphalt aprons for driveways, new driveway tile, or culverts on county maintained roads
  • Maintain gravel roads by scraping, providing proper drainage, and adding stone when necessary
  • Apply calcium chloride to qualifying gravel roads
  • Cut and remove trees from roadways and right-of-ways
  • Fabricate and install street and stop signs
  • Issue applications and conduct review for encroachment permits for construction on roads and right-of-ways
  • Construct and repair drainage basins

This Office Does Not

  • Provide maintenance on any state, municipal, or private road
  • Pick up litter or garbage on roadways
  • Pick up dead animals on state roads
  • Install or maintain traffic lights
  • Resurface existing roads
  • Perform new subdivision road inspections
  • Repair mailboxes that have been knocked down
  • Construct speed bumps or tables



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How does our gravel road qualify for calcium chloride for dust control?
Roads are treated for dust control with calcium chloride based on number of residents, connector status, and industrial or commercial use.  Calcium chloride application typically occurs in late spring with each qualifying road receiving one treatment per year.  To determine if your road qualifies, please contact the Public Works Department at (803) 628-3200 and request an evaluation of your road.
How do I obtain an encroachment permit to perform work on the road or in the road right-of-way?
An encroachment permit application is available through our office or is available to download here.  Please complete the application and forward to the Road Maintenance office for consideration.  You will be contacted by a staff member if they have any questions. A completed encroachment permit will be returned to you by mail.
Who do I call to report a missing stop sign?
You may call our office at (803) 628-3200 and we will replace the sign.
Who do I call if there is a traffic light out?
In York County, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) (803)737-2314 maintains traffic signals.  Within the municipal limits of Rock Hill, the City (803)329-5608 is responsible for traffic signals.  York County does not maintain any traffic signals.
Who do I call to find out when my road will be resurfaced or paved?
Contact the York County Engineering Department at (803) 684-8571.
What needs to be done before a driveway pipe (culvert) can be installed?
Our Road Maintenance staff requests that the property owner install two stakes marking the requested location of the culvert.  The stakes should be 20 feet apart and should be flagged or painted.  If you have questions or concerns, our staff will be glad to meet with you on-site.  Please call us at (803) 628-3200.
Who do I contact about state historical markers?
Contact the Heritage Cultural Center (McCelvey Center) located at 212 East Jefferson Street, York, SC by calling (803) 684-3948 or (803) 896-6100.
How do I place a work order for roadwork to be done on a road?
Call the Public Works Department at (803) 628-3200 and provide the following: Your name Your telephone number The name of the road for which the problem is being reported Provide detailed information concerning the problem Provide detailed directions to the problem area (subdivision name, road name, address or lot number, which side of the road, which main road or highway is it located off of, etc.  
How can I determine who maintains a road?
Click here and enter your Road name to view the Owner.