The York County Prison, a division of the York County Public Works Department, is located behind the Moss Justice Center in York. The York County Prison is a 256-bed minimum security, male and female facility. It is equipped with modern security features, such as security cameras and touch screen monitors that open and shut all doors. The Prison population consists of minimum-security inmates who have already been sentenced for a particular crime. The inmates are also used as an additional labor force for the Public Works Department.



  • Provides incarceration services for inmates sentenced in York County
  • Provides incarceration for state inmates through an agreement with the State Department of Corrections
  • Supplies additional labor requirements for the Public Works Department
  • Provides adequate medical treatment for inmate population
  • Offers tours and presentations to civic and school groups

This Office Does Not

  • House any medium or maximum-security inmates
  • Accept transfers of state inmates who have disciplinary problems


County Inmates: County inmates are individuals serving sentences generating from family court, general sessions, magistrate, and municipal court. These sentences are less than 90 days.

State Inmates: State inmates are individuals serving on sentences of more than 90 days, generated by general sessions court.

Inmate Labor: All inmates are utilized as a labor source for the York County Public Works Department, as well as various other county departments. This allows them to earn work credits while serving their sentence, which in turn reduces their sentence by as much as 50%.



What are the visiting hours at the York County Prison?
Visitation for inmates vary depending on their status.  The following are current visitation hours:   12:00 PM –3:00 PM Sunday - State and Work Release Prisoners   6:15 PM –9:15 PM Tuesday - County Prisoners.
Who may visit inmates at the Prison?
Visitors must be listed on the inmates approved visitor list.  The visitor must present a picture identification prior to being allowed in the visitation area.
Can my family member who is an inmate at another prison in South Carolina be transferred to the York County Prison?
This request is subject to bed availability and the inmates disciplinary record from the transferring facility.
How would I mail an inmate housed at the York County Prison?
York County Prison   750 Justice Boulevard   York, South Carolina 29745   Attn: (Name of Inmate)
Who do I contact concerning job openings in the Public Works Department?
You can contact York County Human Resources Department. Please click here for further information.
What does Zero Tolerance Mean?
Zero Tolerance is the term that means that no sexual act, contact or harassment will be tolerated between any inmate with another inmate and/ or facility staff as stated in South Carolina Code of Laws 44-23-1150. If anyone suspects that this law has been violated then they will need to contact the York County Prison or York County Sheriff’s Office immediately.
Who is James Ramsey supervisor?
Who is James Ramsey supervisor?