The Zoning Division is responsible for coordinating the physical development of York County. The zoning staff is available to assist the public in obtaining information regarding use and development of land in the County and to review development plans for conformance with the County's ordinance and development regulations.


  • Implementation of the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances
  • Processing all development related applications permits
  • Provide administrative support and prepare staff reports  to the Zoning Board of Appeals 
  • Assist the public in providing timely information.
  • Enforce Zoning, Nuisance, and Land Development regulations through Code Enforcement activities.
  • Maintaining public records of all land use and zoning permit applications and Board rulings
  • Maintain the Zoning and Land Development Ordinances and provide recommend text amendments to the Planning Commission.
  • Review and approve subdivision plats and non-residential site plans for compliance with York County development regulations.

Looking for an Application or Form, or just need General Building or Zoning Information?  Go to our New Development Services Page.

Looking to change the zoning of your property?  Go here for details regarding the Rezoning Process.



I received a letter notifying me of a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting regarding a variance request made by my neighbor on their property. What does that mean and what should I do?
The purpose of the letter is to notify adjacent property owners of a variance request on neighboring property. If you would like information regarding that specific request, or the variance process, you should call the Zoning Division at 803-909-7230
What is the procedure for rezoning property?
Obtain the York County Rezoning Application from the York County Planning Department or download it from the Development Services page.  The application must be filled out completely, typed or written in ink, and signed by the property owner.  Attached to the application should be a Deed and Plat (survey) of the property, a copy of the tax map, and the application fee of $750 for single parcels, $1,500 for multiple parcels, or $2,500 for planned development (PD).  A PD must have site plan approval before submittal.
Does York County require a Business License?
No, York County does not require a business license, but if the business is in the county then a site plan approval/zoning approval will be necessary.
Where can I get a copy of my plat?
The plat (Survey) of the property can be obtained from the property owner or the Clerk of Court office in the York County Courthouse.  If the plat is to be submitted from a rezoning application or variance request, please indicate on the plat the approximate location and the distance of all structures and dwellings in relation to all property lines.  If a plat does not exist, then a deed that indicates the property line distance (metes and bounds) is required.
Does my manufactured home (mobile home) need underpinning? If so, what kind?
All single-family double-wide residential structures, except manufactured homes located in grandfathered manufactured home parks, must be underpinned with permanent brick, block, stucco, stone z-brick or the equivalent.  Mobile homes located in an AGC, or RUD zoning district will be allowed to use manufactured home vinyl underpinning kits.  Single-wide mobile homes located anywhere in York County may be underpinned with permanent brick, block, stucco, stone, Z-brick, vinyl underpinning kits or the equivalent.  Underpinning must be vented in accordance with York County Building Code.  If underpinning is to be stucco, Z-brick or equivalent, then the underpinning must be installed by the manufacturer's specifications.  Vinyl manufactured home kits must be installed.
How do I obtain the zoning classification for my property?
The zoning information is one of the layers provided through York County's GIS system available at  If you do not have internet access, the information can be obtained by calling (803) 909-7230.
What is permitted in each zoning district?
This information can be obtained through the county's website at through the online ordinance link provided on the Planning Department's home page, or by calling (803) 909-7230.
If I am only altering the building on the inside do I need a site plan?
No, you must get a zoning compliance but as long as the work is on the inside, a site plan is not required.
What is the review time for commercial review and revisions?
21 days is the review time for submittals and revisions.
What do I have to submit for a Commercial Building Permit?
A Commercial Permit application must be completely filled out with (3) three sets of building plans to our Development Coordinating Center.
How many site plans must be submitted for a commerical site plan?
Eight site plans must be submitted along with all fees to our Development Coordinating Center. 
What is considered a minor vs. major site plan?
York County does not differentiate between major and minor site plans.  Any land disturbance, improvement, additions, new buildings or a change in use requires a site plan review.  All commercial sites must meet the same commerical development standards.
What are the procedures for filing a variance request?
Obtain a York County Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Applicaiton from the Zoning Department or download it from the Development Services page. The application must be completely filled out and signed by the landowner; a survey of the property, existing property conditions, and any supporting documents should also be attached. A fee of $325 is due at the time of submittal, which is typically the second Wednesday of each month. The meeting is held on the second Thursday of the following month.