The Auditor's Office is responsible for listing and assessing personal property for ad valorem taxation.


The Auditor's Office........

  • Assembles information on real and personal property ownership for the purpose of establishing a fair market value, computing the assessed value, and applying the applicable millage rate to produce revenue to be collected by the County Treasurer. This revenue pays for a variety of public services, including schools, law enforcement, libraries, and roads.

  • Prepares and lists all taxable personal property in the County on the tax roll. Properties included are:

                -Motor Homes
                -Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (business personal property)


  • Authorizes all additions, omissions, and abatements to the tax roll.

  • Determines the assessed value of all personal property using manuals furnished by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

  • Applies penalties to unpaid tax records.

  • Determines eligibility for Homestead Exemption.

Citizens living within all municipalities are billed for both county and city taxes on their real and personal property. The County collects all taxes for those citizens.


This Office Does Not:

Place values on real property. Contact the Assessor's Office for information regarding property values.
Give information on paid taxes. Contact the Tax Collector's Office for information regarding paid taxes.
Issue business licenses or federal ID numbers. Contact the Department of Revenue for business licenses or federal ID numbers.
Collect any money. Contact the Tax Collector's Office for information regarding Tax Collection.



How do I figure out how much my taxes will be on a new vehicle I am purchasing?
We have a manual provided to us by the Department of Revenue that shows the value of all vehicles. We can give you an estimate from our manual by phone, fax, or e-mail. If you want to figure an estimated amount yourself, take the market value (before any rebates, allowances, or trade ins) and multiply that by 6.00% if the vehicle will be in your personal name or by 10.50% if the vehicle will be in a business name. After you have done that, you will multiply your answer by the tax rate of the district you live in. We can give you the tax rate if you tell us what your address is or you can find it on any of your tax bills for the current year. If you need an exact amount, you will need to fax, e-mail, or come in and bring a title or bill of sale.
How do I know if my vehicle qualifies for a high mileage discount?
We have a chart provided to us by the Department of Revenue for mileage adjustments.  You can call or e-mail our office and give us your mileage and year of your vehicle to find out if you are eligible.