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York County Ordinance Request Form

  1. Various Ordinances

  2. Ordinance 1118

    Ordinance 1118 to amend the code of the county of York, South Carolina, Chapter 154, entitled subdivision code, sections 154.029, preliminary plat review subsections (E) and (F); in order to allow the planning commission to approve residential subdivisions with reduced lot sizes that meet certain criteria

  3. Ordinance 1618

    Ordinance 1618 to authorize the sale of the former Good Motor Company property located at 250 and 260 Dave Lyle Boulevard in Rock Hill, identified by tax map number 627-15-01-001, 119 & 121 East White Street in Rock Hill, identified by tax map number 627-15-01-002, 204 & 208 Oakland Avenue and 135 East White Street, identified by tax map number 627-15-01-005 and 214 Oakland Avenue identified by tax map number 627-15-01-010; to entertain an existing offer to perform an environmental assessment, potentially perform environmental cleanup and remediation, and purchase the parcel, to authorize the chairman to execute the contract of sale and deed

  4. Ordinance 1318

    Ordinance 1318 to amend the code of the County of York, South Caroina, Chapter 155, entitled zoning code, section 155.009, definitions; 155.428, lot development requirements, subsections (A), minimum lot setbacks; (B)(3), RC-I/RC-II minimum lot requirements; (B)(4), RD-I/RD-II minimum lot requirements and (B)(9), UD minimum lot requirements; in order to revise the definition of patio home; revise the minimum lot size setbacks for single family residential, residential accessory buildings, and residential accessory uses; increase the minimum lot size for the RC-I, RC-II, RD-I and RD-II zoning district, etc.

  5. Ordinance 1718

    Ordinance 1718 an ordinance authorizing an amendment to the agreement for development of joint county industrial and business park (York and Chester Counties) to enlarge the boundaries of the joint county industrial park to include certain real property located in York County

  6. Ordinance 1418

    Ordinance 1418 to amend Chapter 31, County policies, section 31.07, 911 system, of the York County code of ordinances, so that the ordinance reflects appropriate county department administration and statutory authority.

  7. Ordinance 1818

    Ordinance 1818 an ordinance authorizing the termination of the existing multi-county park agreement by and between Cherokee County, SC and York County, SC

  8. Ordinance 2318

    Ordinance 2318 authorizing the execution and delivery of a fee agreement by and among Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, Fort Mill, LD #1 and York County, SC

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