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The county’s Online Form Center allows you to electronically submit and/or print requests for information and other forms.
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  1. Adopt-A-Stream Address Change

    Changing your address ensures that you receive updates about Adopt A Stream and clean up times.

  1. Adopt-A-Stream Application


  1. Report Out of State License Plate

    According to South Carolina Code of Law, Section 56-3-150, a motor vehicle operated in this State for an accumulated period exceeding... More…


  1. Request for Reports

    Use this form to request documents produced by the coroner's office, such as: autopsy report, consult report, toxicology report,... More…

Ebenezer Park

  1. Campground Host Application

    Anyone interested in volunteering as a campground host can complete an application online

Emergency Management

  1. Apollo Pager

    This form will be utilized to report any issues with the Apollo Pager.

  2. Public Education Request Form

    This will be a form for public education request. These must be completed and approved for an event to be scheduled.

  3. Request for Special Assistance

    If you have a disability or special/functional need that will require assistance during an evacuation or emergency situation, please... More…

  1. Brochure Distribution

    This will be an information form for schools to complete so brochures can be distributed.

  2. Quarterly Survey Meter Operational Checks

    Quarterly check for radiological equipment.

  3. Special Event Application

    This form should be submitted by event organizers so that Emergency Management will be able to notify all pertinent agencies of an... More…


  1. Hydrant Flow Test Application

    As of November 1, 2017, hydrant flow testing fees will be $150. Before test results will be released, cash, or checks must be made... More…

  2. York County C-Fund Resurfacing Request Form
  1. Water / Sewer Availability Inquiry

Environmental Compliance

  1. Anonymous Complaint

    Submit a stormwater complaint

Geographic Information Services

  1. Report Parcel & Address Errors

    Report York County SC South Carolina Parcel and Address Errors

Planning & Development

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    We value and respect our Customers and are dedicated to providing you with professional and timely service. To assist us in providing... More…

  1. Stormwater Survey

Public Safety Communications

  1. Alarm Registration Form

    York County Ordinance requires all alarm systems be registered with the county. York County does not issue permit numbers, nor is... More…

  2. Request to Investigate
  3. Service Request
  1. Emergency Dispatch Information
  2. Road Name / Subdivision Name Approval Form

    Please allow 3 - 5 business days for a response to the road / subdivision names being submitted for approval. If you have any questions... More…

Public Works

  1. Report a Lost Animal
  2. Request for Road Service
  3. Volunteer Application

    A regular form to apply to be a shelter volunteer

  1. Request for Animal Service
  2. Request for Shelter Tours or Event Participation

    a form to request Animal Control Participation in your program

Voter Registration and Elections

  1. Election Worker Sign-Up

    Join a team of 1,000+ local citizens who make elections happen here in York County. Learn how the voting process works and become a... More…

Water & Sewer

  1. Commercial Water & Sewer Service Application
  2. Water & Sewer Disconnect Request
  1. Maintenance Request

    York County Water & Sewer Work Order Request to make a repair or investigate a potential problem.