Where is the foreclosure auction held and at what time?
The auction is held in the courtroom of the Equity Court (Courtroom Two) at 1 South Congress Street in York. The Equity Court is on the corner of Congress and Liberty streets, directly across from the main courthouse. Auctions are at 11 a.m. on the first Monday of each month, unless the Monday is a recognized State holiday, in which case it will be held on the next business day. The Notice of Sale published in the newspaper will contain the date and time of the auction.

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1. May I inspect the case file for a property that is to be sold?
2. Where is the foreclosure auction held and at what time?
3. Do I have to register to attend the auction?
4. How do I inspect the property for sale prior to the sale?
5. What is the bidding process?
6. What is a deficiency judgment, and how does it affect the bidding process?
7. If I am the successful bidder, how and when do I have to pay the purchase price?
8. If I do not make payment by the required time, what happens?
9. Will I receive title to the property free and clear of all other claims?
10. Am I responsible for tax liens or other claims against the property?
11. Do you handle tax lien sales?
12. If I am the successful bidder, when can I take possession of the property?
13. What do I have to do to gain possession of the property after I have a deed if it is still occupied by another party?
14. What document do I give my lender to show my purchase price?