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What is the bidding process?

The Judge will read the case number, the name of the case, the tax map number of the property, the street address of the property, and the terms of the sale. Plaintiff’s bid begins the process, and the bidding continues until there are no more bids. If Plaintiff fails to appear at the sale, the sale will be cancelled. Unless otherwise stated by the Court at the sale, bids are made in $1000.00 increments, except you may round up to the nearest dollar over Plaintiff’s bid. You are deemed by the Court with knowledge of all records contained in the case file, so please review the case file prior to making a bid at sale. See FAQs 8-13 for more details about the terms of sale.

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7. What is the bidding process?
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13. If I am the highest bidder, when may I take possession of the property?
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