Should I be worried about radiation?

We are surrounded by radiation all the time. Radiation is released from the ground, as well, cosmic (or space) radiation is constantly hitting Earth. Humans are exposed to radiation all of the time. We have even found medical uses for radiation; X-rays use radiation to see bone structure and other forms of radiation may be used to treat certain disease states.

Radiation becomes harmful to humans when it is in absorbed in high levels and not controlled. Radiation in the medical field is highly controlled and medical professionals put a great amount of effort in limiting the amount of radiation their patients are exposed to during procedures. The effects of radiation on the human body vary drastically depending on the type of radiation they are exposed to and the amount of radiation. The parts of the body that are most effected by high levels of radiation are the organs that consistently reproduce cells. These organs may be blood forming organs, intestinal tract, and an embryo or fetus developing in its mother.

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