Does York County serve my property with water and sewer utilities?

Seven different utility providers serve York County’s residents. Each serves a defined area of the county. 

If your property is located in the dark blue area of the map (click the thumbnail to view the map at full size), please click here to submit a Water/Sewer Availability Inquiry to the York County Engineering Department. 

If the property is located anywhere else - please refer to the contact list below for that utility provider’s contact information.


Name of ProviderPoint of ContactPositionPhoneEmail
CloverMark GeougePublic Works Director(803) 222-7700[email protected]
Fort MillGreg RushingUtilities Director(803) 547-2034[email protected]
RiverviewSam LeslieDirector(803) 547-2458none
Rock HillBrian Long
(803) 325-2694[email protected]
Tega CayPhillip JolleyUtilities Director(803) 548-3514[email protected]
York (city)Ben WrightEngineering(803) 684-2341[email protected]

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