Will all the lighting be down lighting?

Currently, the county is working with some lighting vendors for design & placement.  With the design, light is provided for the activity while also minimizing the glare (measured in foot candles) on the adjoining properties.

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1. How Can I stay Up-To-Date on the park?
2. What is the minimum setback from residential property lines for a recreation park?
3. Will all the lighting be down lighting?
4. How far offset will the “perimeter” walking trail be from residential properties and how will the path be created?
5. What will the opening and closing hours of the park be?
6. Would movies in the park or concert events take place outside of operating hours?
7. What is the plan for overflow parking for tournaments?
8. Is Paddlers Cove (Field Day Drive) the only entrance to the park?
9. Will the intersection at Crowder’s Creek Elementary School and Charlotte Highway be improved to provide park access as well?