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Question 10. How do we establish the user fees?

Answer 10. Currently any storm water expenditure is paid for through the County’s general fund property taxes.  In place of this we will be implementing a user fee.  This will be collected as an annual fee from all residences, businesses, and organizations in York County. These will include residential, commercial and industrial properties, non-profit organizations, federal, state and county owned properties, and schools. Since we all benefit from a storm water system and all properties create stormwater runoff, a user fee is an equitable solution for everyone. User fees are established by calculating the impervious area of each property. Impervious surface area measurements are converted to an ERU and then assessed an annual fee per ERU. For York County, one ERU equals 3,200 square feet of impervious coverage, which is what an average home (building footprint, driveway, garages, etc.) has for impervious coverage.

Below is an example of the annual revenue you could receive from your stormwater utility fees.  The current goal is to charge a lower amount the 1st year so it will not impact your budget too much but still provide enough to start funding some critical initial projects.  Amounts will increase over the next 3 years until the approved fee schedule is obtained. 


Residence ERU

Businesses, Organizations ERU

Year 1



Year 2


25% of I.S. *

Year 3


50% of I.S. *

Year 4


100% of the I.S. *


                                                                                        *I. S. equals Impervious Surface

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