Question 2. Why do we need a Stormwater Utility?

Answer 2. The primary purpose is to make sure all residents and businesses of York County have a safe and healthy environment.  Our goal is to make sure the county’s rivers and streams are clean and healthy and during rain events, properties do not flood.  To achieve this goal, the County has to proactively inspect, repair, and replace stormwater pipes, culverts, drainage swales, and ditches.  If the County waits until something fails, the damage is much more severe and the cost to fix the failure is much higher.image003image001

A stormwater utility furthers the goal by:

  • Enabling the County to comply with NPDES/MS4 permitting requirements,
  • Generating immediate capital improvements due to bonding authority, 
  • Allowing for long-term solutions to stormwater issues with a designated revenue source.
  • The formation of a stormwater utility requires time and resources, but the benefits of an established utility will outweigh required efforts.

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