How do we sign-up?
- Pick an area of stream or cove that you wish to adopt and pick a coordinator from your group.
- Call the Environmental Compliance Outreach Coordinator at 803-818-5145 complete the online application.
- Receive approval from York County and then your coordinator will attend a brief informal training session.
- Complete 2 clean-up events per year.

The work will be performed under and in accordance with the York County Environmental Compliance Division's Adopt-A-Stream General Program Conditions and Safety Guidelines found here and incorporated herein by reference. Applicants to whom Adopt-A-Stream Program Designation and Agreement are issued shall at all times indemnify and save harmless York County Government and all of its employees, agents and officers, from responsibility, damage or liability arising from the exercise of the privileges granted under designated programs. The program Designation and Agreement may be terminated by York County Government at any time. York County reserves the right to deny an adoption request or to cancel the Local Program Designation Agreement of any group. To sign up complete the Adopt-A-Stream Application.

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3. How do we sign-up?