Staff Liaison
Jacque Sorrentino
, Open Space Planner
1070 Heckle Boulevard, Suite 107,
Rock Hill, SC  29732
Phone: 803-909-7221
Fax: 803-909-7478
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, M-F

Authority: South Carolina Code Ann. 4-9-25. Ordinance adopted by York County on August 17, 1998.

Governing Body: (7) Seven members appointed by the York County Council. One member shall be appointed from each of the seven (7) Council districts. Two ex-officio members shall be appointed - one ex-officio member shall be a representative of the Nation Ford Land Trust, and one ex-officio member must be the current chairman of the Cultural & Heritage Commission.

Term of Office: (3) three year terms

Function: Created to promote the conservation of natural resources; to identify and promote the development and preservation of historical resources; to promote outdoor nature-based recreation; to encourage and promote tourism emphasizing natural, cultural and historical resources in York County

Staff Liaison: Jacque Sorrentino
Open Space Planner
1070 Heckle Blvd
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Meeting Schedule: Third Tuesday of each Month at 6:00 p.m. (as needed)

Meeting Location: Heckle Government Office Complex, Large Conference Room, 1070 Heckle Boulevard, Suite 104, Rock Hill, SC 29732


Members Position Term
Stephen Hamilton Council District 1 April 4, 2017 (1st term)
Alan Abernathy Council District 2 August 17, 2019 (2nd term)
Cathy Bratton Council District 3 October 19, 2018 (2nd term)
Odell Bailey Council District 4 June 15, 2019 (2nd term)
Vacant Council District 5 September 2, 2018 (1st term)
Lindsay Walker Council District 6 August 17, 2018 (1st term)
Greg Fitzgerald Council District 7 May 2, 2017 (2nd term)
Steven E. Fields Ex-Officio member Representing Culture & Heritage Commission
Vacant Ex-Officio member Representing Nation Ford Land Trust


Background of York County Forever

Over time, the loss of open space, population growth, and infringing development led to increasing citizen concern that York County’s picturesque scenery and cherished way of life were vanishing. Faced with this need to manage growth responsibly, protect exceptional resources, and preserve unique character, York County Council created the York County Forever Commission (YCF) in 1998, to serve as the county’s land conservation organization. YCF was charged with the mission of promoting and protecting significant natural, cultural, historic, and environmental resources. Resource preservation is an investment that pays many dividends, to both the individual citizen and the community, whether economic (increasing property values, attracting business and industry, reducing the cost of services); environmental (controlling pollution, managing floodplains-stormwater, protecting wildlife and vegetation); or social (promoting a healthy life-style, providing low-cost recreation, managing development, improving quality of life). In partnership with other organizations, the Commission has helped to preserve over 9,000 acres of unique York County resources by 2014, including prime farmland, historic and cultural sites, endangered plant habitats, passive recreational areas, river corridors and watersheds, and scenic open space.


Easements, purchase of development rights, bargain sales, life estates, and fee simple donations are examples of the variety of the preservation tools available. Both income tax and estate tax benefits and credits can also provide incentives to make property conservation good economic sense for anyone.   YCF works with conservation-minded owners whose property meets their project selection criteria by coordinating with local land trusts; assisting with appraisal, legal, and administrative costs; and contributing to the purchase of conservation easements and development rights. The Commission has a limited budget through an annual tax appropriation, but most projects involve joint funding partnerships with other public agencies or private individuals.  Anyone interested in seeking assistance from YCF to conserve their property should download and complete a Landowner Conservation Statement of Interest from the Documents section below. (Please note that the Commission does not provide legal, accounting, or other professional services, and any funding recommendations must be approved by York County Council.)


The Commission is composed of nine members: a citizen appointed from each of the seven Council districts and non-voting representatives from Nation Ford Land Trust and Culture & Heritage Commission.   YCF meetings are normally held at 6:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the York County Office Complex in Rock Hill. The Commission’s quarterly newsletter, The Resource, can also be downloaded from the Documents section below.


For the latest Commission news, be sure to click on the link in the Documents section to download the YCF Newsletter, The Resource.