Authority: York County Council has authorized and empowered , pursuant to the provisions of S.C. Code Ann. 4-9-30(6), to establish Culture & Heritage Commission to maintain and operate museums, planetariums and sites related to the diverse cultural, historical and natural heritage of the county.

Governing Body: Seven (7) members appointed by the York County Council from each of the seven County Council districts and two (2) ex-officio members.

Term of Office: Two (2) year concurrent terms commencing on March 1st of every other odd numbered year.


Functions: Enhance museum-specific and general administrative functions, further the development of the county's cultural resources, preserve the artistic, cultural, historical and natural history heritage of York County, and create a more unified and accessible collection related to the County's shared cultural heritage.


Staff Liaison: Carey Tilley, Director
4621 Mt. Gallant Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 329-2121

Meeting Schedule:

Members Position Term
Penny Sheppard Council District 1 July 1, 2018 (Filling)
Bessie Meeks Council District 2 July 1, 2017 (1st term)
James Duncan Council District 3 July 1, 2019 (1st term)
Jeffrey Lyon Council District 4 July 1, 2018 (1st term)
Nancy Craig Council District 5 July 1, 2019 (2nd term)
Dale Dove Council District 6 July 1, 2019 (1st term)
Craig Lentz Council District 7 July 1, 2017 (1st term)
Richard Chacon Ex-Officio July 1, 2017 (1st term)
Carolyn Mendenhall Ex-Officio July 1, 2017 (1st term)