Staff Liaison: Larry Harrison, Building Official
York County Building & Codes
1070 Heckle Blvd. Suite 107
Rock Hill SC 29732

Authority: Ordinance adopted by the York County Board of Directors January 1976, pursuant to Act 1415 of 1972.

Governing Body: Ten members appointed by the County Council serving staggered terms. The Board consists of one architect, one engineer, one contractor, and one member from building, electrical, gas, and plumbing industry.  Two alternates shall be selected from the building industry at large and one alternate shall be selected from the general public.

Term of Office: Four years. Vacancies are filled for the remainder of an unexpired term by the York County Council.

Function: To review and make decisions on citizen’s appeals concerning the enforcement of the York County Building and Code Ordinance.

Meeting Schedule: Meets as needed


Position Term
Thomas Palmer Electrical Industry March 21, 2019 (2nd term)
Curtis Sieck Contractor January 31, 2020 (2nd term)
Jason Whitesell Gas Industry January 31, 2020 (1st term)
Randy Crenshaw Alternate January 31, 2019 (1st term)
Darius Alexander Plumbing Industry March 21, 2019 (2nd term)
Adam Ferrara Alternate January 31, 2019 (1st term)
Rob Worley Engineer January 31, 2017 (1st term)
Roland Harper General Contractor January 31, 2019 (2nd term)
Steve Crump At-large January 31, 2020 (1st term)
Darrell Watts Architect January 31, 2021 (2nd term)