Authority: South Carolina Acts and Joint Resolutions 195 (48) 1544; 1955 (49) 325; 1956 (49) 1725; 1958 (50) 1557; 1963 (53) 250; 1966 (54) 2772; 1968 (55) 3153; 1972 (57) 4014; 1973 (58) 1622. Ordinance adopted by the York County Council on April 6, 1981

Governing Body: Seven-members appointed by the York County Council. One member shall be appointed from each of the seven Council districts. Two members shall be appointed by the York County Council at-large after receiving recommendations from the York County Fire Chief’s Association.

Term of Office: Three-year staggered terms

Function: To organize, establish and assign areas of fire control throughout York County, so as to obtain maximum fire coverage of the entire County; supervise and oversee rural fire departments; provide fire-figing equipment; supervise assignment of equipment; administer funds appropriated by the County Council to the Board of Rural Fire Control; examine and approve or disapprove all vouchers submitted for expenditures by fire departments and to receive and disburse funds subject to the ordinances adopted by the Council and the rules and regulations applicable to county agencies, etc.

Staff Liaison:

Director of Fire Safety



Member Position Term
Omar Kasso Council District 1 April 1, 2019 (1st term)
Bruce Byrnes Council District 2 April 1, 2018 (1st term)
Frank Duncan Council District 3 April 1, 2018 (2nd term)
William "Wayne" Searcy Council District 4 April 1, 2018 (2nd term)
John Boyd Council District 5 April 1, 2018 (1st term)
Tommy Carroll Council District 6 April 1, 2017 (2nd term)
Michael Faile Council District 7 April 1, 2017 (2nd term)
Ron Becknell Rural Fire Chiefs Representative April 1, 2019 (1st term)
Thomas Dowdle Rural Fire Chiefs Representative April 1, 2017 (1st term)



What is the ISO rating for my fire district?
Please download the Fire ISO Ratings document to the left.
Where can I obtain a copy of a fire report for a specific incident?
Please contact the fire department that responded to the fire.  You can find contact information by clicking the Fire Stations link to the left.
Where can I find information about outdoor burning?
Please see the Outdoor Burning Information posted on this page.