York County Stream Clean

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What is York County Stream Clean? 

Stream Clean is a citizen-based monitoring and litter prevention initiative intended to protect the health and beauty of our local waterways. Think Adopt-a-Highway but with a stream instead of a road.

Whether you are a citizen, group, or organization looking for a one-time clean up or a longer term "adoption" of a section of stream for more frequent clean ups we can help. York County will provide the necessary supplies to perform a successful clean-up for FREE! We will even come pick up the trash bags whenever you are done, if necessary.    

Why is York County Stream Clean important? 

Litter is an unattractive eye sore that can cause harm to our ecosystems and the organisms that rely on them (that includes people). Clean stream seeks to increase citizen awareness of water quality issues and Involve citizens in efforts to reduce the amount of trash in and along our waterways.

Why you should get involved. 

By cleaning a stream an individual, group, organization, or community can help in a big way. Volunteers can have a direct impact on the beautification and cleanliness of York county waters. 


How can you get involved? Easy! 

  1. Pick a section of a stream that you would like to clean
  2. (If a group) Select from your group one or more Clean Stream "coordinators"
  3. Reach out to York County Storm Water  
  4. Clean the Stream!

Volunteer form can be found at www.YorkCountyGov.Com/SWParticipation 

For more opportunities visit our Keep York County Beautiful volunteer program page.