State House of Representatives

State Houses Districts that Represent York County, SC

Filing Information

  • Candidates can file for office at the South Carolina State Election Commission office or at the Board of Voter Registration and Elections office in candidate’s of residence.
  • Candidates seeking the nomination of a party that nominates by primary (Democratic and Republican) must pay a filing fee. Filing fees are calculated by the SEC. Filing fees are one percent of the annual base salary multiplied by the term of office. Filing fees for special elections are prorated. General election year filing fees are posted at
  • Filing fee checks - made payable to appropriate state political party. Cashier’s checks and money orders are acceptable. Cash will not be accepted.
  • Candidates seeking the nomination of a party that nominates by convention do not pay a filing fee.
  • What to File? - Completed Statement of Intention of Candidacy/Party Pledge form (SICPP). Wait to sign the form in front of an election official or have the form notarized.
  • Filing by an Agent -  It is not necessary for a candidate to be physically present at the time of filing. An agent can deliver the SICPP (properly completed and signed by the candidate and witnessed by a notary) and the filing fee check on behalf of the candidate.
  • For more candidate filing information, visit