Public Participation & Involvement

York County Storm Water department works to keep our waterways clean through many different efforts; one of which is community education & involvement. When citizens take on the responsibility of helping maintain a clean environment they can take pride in knowing they have personally contributed to the betterment of their community. York County invites and encourages all citizens to participate in various activities and events relating to water quality preservation and education. York County Stormwater has many opportunities for residents to get involved and contribute to the health and beauty of York County waterways. Check out the programs below for more details about available opportunities. Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a proactive citizen! 

Interest in a program? Want to volunteer? Please click the volunteer button below and fill out the form! 

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AAS2 South Carolina Adopt-A-Stream. York County volunteers can play an important role in monitoring and tracking water quality while sharing information about local water resources with their communities. 

Storm Drain MarkerYork County Storm Drain Marking. Participants of this program glue badges on the water drains in the area of their choice. These badges will signal to others that anything going down the storm drain enters York County waters so only rain down the storm drain! as we like to say. 

Scoop the poopScoop-the-poopPet owners play an important role in keeping York County waterways clean and safe. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria. If pet waste is not picked up and disposed of properly the harmful bacteria can be washed down our storm drains and into our local waterways. This can cause the waters to become unsafe for swimming, fishing, or drinking.

Rain Barrel 01Rain BarrelsA great way to harvest rainwater. As simple as running your downspout into a container. This water can then be used to water your lawn, flowers, shrubs, etc. Not only can this help with water runoff and erosion but it can help conserve water as well!

Rain Garden 01Rain GardensHelp slow water runoff and help with water infiltration into the ground. These gardens can serve a duel function of beautifying your landscape as well as helping with erosion and water runoff issues.   

York County Stormwater Compliance Coordinator, at (803) 909-7115.