Public Education & Outreach

This component of the SWMP mandates that York County educate the public about the impacts of stormwater discharges on water bodies and the steps the public can take to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff.  Managing stormwater and enhancing public safety and health not only involves monitoring and inspecting, but it also involves educating citizens on how stormwater affects them and how they affect stormwater.  In addition to education, encouraging public participation in local stormwater programs can lead to program improvement as well as enabling people to identify and report a pollution-causing activity, such as spotting an illicit discharge.  As the public gains a greater understanding of the benefits of stormwater management, York County’s goal is to gain more support for the SWMP (including financial support) and increased compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements as the public understands how their actions impact water quality.

YC Soil and Water Conserve DistrictYork County has partnered with the York Soil and Water Conservation District to focus on the development and implementation of educational programs designed to inform the public about the impacts that stormwater discharges can have on our local water resources and the steps that the public can take to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff.  York County intends to work in cooperation with the York Soil and Water Conservation District in order to efficiently reach as many citizens as economically possible through public education and outreach efforts.

Water Quality Presentations

Do you want to know more about water quality in York County?  Is your group trying to find ways to make your organization more environmentally friendly?  York County’s Stormwater Compliance Coordinator can come to your school, civic group, or neighborhood association to talk about water quality issues in York County. For more information or to request a presentation to your group, call (803) 90-7115.

Environmental Education Booths

York County Land Development Division can assist with your special events, including school science/construction career days, festivals and/or community fairs. We can provide demonstrations, educational materials, videos and discussions to increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues. 

For more information on York County's Public Education and Outreach opportunities or to request a presentation, contact the York County Stormwater Compliance Coordinator, at (803) 909-7115.

  1. TJ Peeler

    Stormwater Compliance Coordinator
    Phone: 803-909-7115