Bethel-Lake Wylie Preservation Park District

Thistle Drop In

There will be a drop-in at the Thistle Property on Sunday, December 10 from 2-4pm.  The address is 5525 Highway 55 E, Clover, SC and limited parking will be available near the entrance at Highway 55.  

How it came to be

The Bethel-Lake Wylie Preservation Park District was approved by the voters on November 3, 2020. Two years earlier, District Two York County Councilwoman Allison Love saw a need to save greenspace and protect land from rapid development. Seeking to enhance the quality of life for residents of York County, she worked to encourage voters to create a special tax district to help purchase and maintain several undeveloped properties along heavily-traveled corridors. 

The park properties

In 2021 the BWLPPD Board purchased four properties for preservation and future public use.  These purchases have protected more than 150 acres from development. These properties include:

Woodend Farm

This 87-acre site on Hwy 557 features a large estate home, and a beautiful view of the surrounding area.  It was purchased for $4.3 million.  However, a $1 million award from the South Carolina Conservation Bank reduced the cost to taxpayers to $3.3 million.  The farm has hosted several public events since 2022.

Aerial photo of Woodend Farm

The Goat Farm

This 6.8-acre site on Highway 274 was purchased for $1.4 million.  It's currently hosting frequent farmer's markets on some weekends. 

Goat Farm in Lake Wylie

Other Properties

The BLWPPD purchased two other properties on Highway 49 near the intersection of Hwy 274. These properties total 60 acres and feature a beautiful pond, wooded hills, and a large brick home.  These two sites were purchased for a total of $1.9 million.

"Thistle" property on Hwy 49

Working toward the future

Currently, a masterplan is being developed for all BLWPPD properties. We're excited to unveil this plan to the public once it's complete and outline a vision for what these unique properties can be.  All future updates will be posted here and on our York County social media channels. 

Bethel-Lake Wylie Land Acquisition & Preservation Important Documents