RiverBend Park

York County Council made a tremendous investment in Dec. 2018, by purchasing a 1900 acre parcel that borders the Catawba River for almost five miles. This land, known as RiverBend Park, features primary forests, seasonal wetlands, ponds, enormous pines, and expansive meadows. This park showcases the best York County has to offer! 

Currently, this park is not open to the public. York County staff is working hard to identify what could take place on the property; while, focusing on property conservation. 

Riverbend in the media:

Listen to Listen to Straight Talk guest Chuck Flink, Landscape Architect, as he discusses his background and how he's working with York County leaders in developing a masterplan for York County's 1900 acre Riverbend Park:   5/11/21-Striaght Talk Show with Chuck Flink, Landscape Architect