Catawba Bend Preserve


York County Council made a tremendous investment in Dec. 2018, by purchasing a 1,900 acre parcel that borders the Catawba River for almost five miles. This land, first dubbed RiverBend Park, features primary forests, seasonal wetlands, ponds, enormous pines, and expansive meadows. It's now officially known as Catawba Bend Preserve.  Currently, this park is not open to the public. 

In January 2019, York County Council hired renowned President of Greenway Incorporated Chuck Flink, and Landscape Architect Dan Dodd from the Dan Dodd Studio to assist with the development of the Riverbend Masterplan. Additionally, Council created the Riverbend Park Committee to research and advise Council on a proposed masterplan.  Over many months the committee met regularly with the park planning experts,  conducted public surveys, and is pleased to share the approved Riverbend Park Master Plan with our community.

Riverbend Masterplan: 

The purpose of the  Master Plan is to create a nature-based outdoor recreation preserve connecting visitors to activities and programs that celebrate the native landscaped and ecosystems of York County.  Provided below is a short video giving background on the original draft master plan.  Note: We are no longer seeking public input as the master plan has been approved by Council.

To review maps and additional information about the park and proposed activities within the Masterplan, please view online presentation.

Next Steps:

After receiving public input, the feedback was provided to the Riverbend Committee for consideration and recommendation of the plan to York County Council for adoption.  Council adopted the plan on October 4, 2021.   The name Catawba Bend Preserve was announced on November 4, 2021.   Once the name was made official we produced a new video to celebrate.

Update On Catawba Bend Preserve

Catawba Bend Preserve in the media:

Listen to Straight Talk guest Chuck Flink, Landscape Architect, as he discusses his background and how he's working with York County leaders in developing a masterplan for York County's 1900 acre Catawba Bend Preserve:   5/11/21-Striaght Talk Show with Chuck Flink, Landscape Architect