I have a question about my tax bill, who do I call? Read below to understand the responsibilities of the Auditor’s Office, Assessor’s Office and Tax Collection Office:

What is the Assessor Office Responsible for?

Identify, map, classify, appraise and assess residential, commercial, agricultural and vacant property in York County for ad valorem taxation within the guidelines of the South Carolina Code of Laws, South Carolina Department of Revenue regulations and York County Ordinances. The Assessor's Office places value on real property and also maintains inventory of all real property for property tax purposes in York County depicting land ownership boundaries, along with data records showing ownership, legal descriptions and tax districts. Reappraise and reassess all property every 5 years in accordance with Section 12-43-217 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Lastly, the Assessor’s office provides annual real estate assessments to the County Auditor.

What is real property?

 Land and any property attached directly to it.

Contact the Assessor’s Office at 803-684-8526 regarding the following:

-To apply for 4% special assessment for legal residence:

-For appraised values on home/land

-For change of mailing address on real estate

-To apply for agricultural use assessment

What is the Auditor’s Office Responsible for?

Listing and assessing taxable personal property for ad valorem taxation. Assembles information on real and personal property ownership for the purpose of establishing a fair market value, computing the assessed value, and applying the applicable millage rate to produce revenue to be collected (Tax Collection) by the County Treasurer.

What is personal property?

Includes any asset other than real estate. Examples are as follows: aircraft, campers, cars, business personal property, motor homes, motorcycles, trailers, trucks and watercraft.

Contact the Auditor’s Office at 803-684-8501 or 803-909-7171 regarding the following:

-To apply for vehicle tax refund:

-Business personal property question

-Request millage rate information

-To apply for exemption for vehicle tax for military personnel

-To apply for exemption on vehicle tax through South Carolina Department of Revenue

-To apply for high mileage

-To apply for homestead exemption (65 years of age, blind or disabled)

-To contest value on vehicle taxes

-To request a change on vehicle tax bills (vehicle sold, tag transferred)

-To request estimate on vehicle taxes

-To request tax bill to be mailed

What is the Tax Collection Office Responsible for?

Collection and accounting of real and personal property taxes and water/sewer payments. In accordance with South Carolina law, pursue collection of delinquent property taxes through notification, advertisement and auction of delinquent property for collection of taxes, penalties and costs. Receive and review various records and reports including bankruptcy claims, returned checks, business and personal property records, check requests, collection reports, and tax sale activity reports.

Contact the Tax Collection Office at 803-684-8527 or 803-909-7272 regarding the following:

- Inquiries on vehicle/ real property tax amounts and due dates already billed

-Questions about my decal and registration

-Register as a new customer for York County water/sewer services

-Question about water bill

How do I pay my taxes and/or water and sewer bill?

York County conveniently offers numerous ways to pay taxes. They are as follows:

In Office - Cash, Check, Debit/Credit (convenience fees are added at check-out for card use)

Mail - Envelopes are provided for your convenience. Processing is determined by Postmark date.

Online - Payments will not be posted until the next business day (convenience fees are added at check-out for card use) e-check available at no charge

Phone - Taxes - (866)541-4097 Water/Sewer - (866)541-4098 (convenience fees are added at check-out for card use) e-check available at no charge