Landfill Basics and Video Tour

Are you visiting the York County landfill for the first time? Perhaps, you're a frequent visitor, wanting to know more about landfill operations. It only takes one minute to familiarize yourself with the York County landfill. Watch the one minute tour below.

The York County landfill is over 400 acres, and receives and processes up to 200,000 tons of waste a year. An average of 1,600 vehicles come across the weigh in scales weekly. Read below to learn how to best maximize your time at the landfill.

What do I need to know before visiting the York County Landfill?

  • What are the hours of the landfill?

The landfill is open Monday-Friday, 7am to 4pm; Saturday 7am-noon. Please arrive allowing enough time to ensure you are able to unload your waste before the landfill closes. Gate to landfill closes promptly at closing time.

  • How long does the average visit take at the landfill?

The average visit at the landfill takes 20 minutes.

  • Do I need to separate waste before visiting the landfill?

Yes. Different waste goes in different locations at the landfill. The friendly scale house staff will direct you where to go for each item. Below is a list of the different types of waste locations within the landfill:

Transfer Station (MSW) - House Hold Waste: Kitchen waste, any food waste.
Construction and Demolition Waste: Lumber, siding, shingles, drywall, couch, chairs, carpet, leaves, grass, etc.
Refrigeration: Refrigerators, freezers, ac units.
Brush: Limbs, trees, stumps, no leaves, no dirt, and no grass.
Concrete, Brick, Block, and Asphalt: Place only these items at this location.

  • Does landfill staff help me unload my waste?

No. You will need to bring adequate help to unload your waste.

  • Are there any fees to utilize the landfill?

If you are a resident of York County, you receive one ton of waste per month free. Residents must provide driver’s license for verification purposes.

Currently, the tipping fee for municipal solid waste is $39.50 per ton. The disposal fee for construction, demolition, and land clearing debris is $27.50 per ton.

  • Can I dispose of paints, liquids and/or hazardous materials?

No, paints, liquids, and/or hazardous materials of any kind accepted in the landfill.

  • Do I have to secure my load before I arrive?

Yes, secure your load before entering the landfill. By Ordinance, the landfill imposes a fee for vehicles entering the site with an unsecured load.

  • Do I need to check-in and/or out with Solid Waste Disposal staff?

Yes. Upon entering and leaving the landfill, motorists have to weigh-in and weigh out (two-way traffic) at the landfill brick administration building. 

  • Who regulates the landfill?

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) regulates, inspects, and permits the County landfill. Therefore, the landfill operates in accordance with DHEC regulation(s).  To learn more, view: