Emergency Operating Conditions (OPCON Levels)

York County Office of Emergency Management operates on a system of Operational Condition Levels, also known as OPCONS.

The levels are designed to simplify the steps agencies take in order to fully activate emergency resources. The three OPCONs and their definitions are compatible with the majority of state and federal emergency management organizations nationwide, making the County processes and procedures easier to understand.

opcon-3Normal Daily Operations- No major emergency exists.  Incidents are monitored by EOC Staff. 


Enhanced Awareness- A disaster or emergency is likely to effect York County.  EOC staffed with public safety Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) at a minimum.  Possible full EOC activation based on event.  Mobile or Forward EOC possibly deployed to support scene operations.


Full Alert- A disaster or emergency exists, is imminent or, occurring.  EOC fully staffed with necessary ESFs.  Mobile or Forward EOC possibly deployed to support on scene operations.