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Risk Assessment

 Risk Assessment is the process of measuring the potential loss of life, personal injury, economic injury, and property damage resulting from natural or man-made hazards. The results of risk assessment assist York County and its municipalities in identifying and understanding the risks from natural hazards. This information also serves as the foundation for the development of the mitigation plan and strategies to help reduce risks from future hazardous events. The Risk Assessment section answers the fundamental question that fuels the hazard mitigation planning process: What would happen if a hazardous event occurred in York County or its municipalities?

Risk Assessment Approach:

  • Determine which hazards pose a serious risk to York County and its municipalities.
  • Identify which areas of the County are most vulnerable to damage from the hazards.
  • Determine damages that may result from the identified hazards.
  • Use the Risk Assessment section to identify mitigation actions and set priorities for implementation for York County and the municipalities.


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