Inmate Information

York County Detention Center Inmates

The Detention Center is a division of the Sheriff's Office, and is located at the Moss Justice Center. It is a 565-bed direct supervision facility that opened in March of 1995. The Detention Center is charged with holding individuals who have been arrested by various law enforcement agencies in York County and held until they post bond or are ordered released by a court or transferred to a state institution after court sentencing. The Detention Center also houses inmates for the U.S. Marshal Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement under an agreement that provides compensation to the county

York County Prison Inmates

The York County Prison is a division of the York County Public Works Department. It's located behind the Moss Justice Center in York, and is a 256-bed minimum security, male and female facility. The Prison population consists of minimum-security inmates who have already been sentenced for a particular crime. The inmates are also used as an additional labor force for the Public Works Department.