York County Services

From the York County Council and County staff, let us be the first to welcome you to York County! We are glad you are here. Perhaps you are wondering the below questions:

• Where do I vote?

• Who represents my Council District? Or who are my state representatives?

• What school district is my address in?

• Where do I dispose of garbage & recycling items?

Look no further! York county has made it simple and easy by creating a one stop shop to answer all of your new resident questions through our GIS technology. Please click on the insert your address button, insert your address and all the information you are seeking will be right at your finger tips!

Still can't find the County service or information you are seeking, please scroll through our department directory, and contact us. We are happy to assist! 

To find out more information about York County location, education, healthcare, recreation and entertainment, please visit live here in York County.

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