2016-2017 Strategic Plan

York County Strategic Plan

In October 2016, the York County Council and executive staff met, in facilitated sessions, to update the County's strategic goals. York County Council received and reviewed data from each department to identify the current state of the organization. Council developed the below strategic goals to guide operations and provide better service to York County residents:

  • Staffing Goal: York County employs the appropriate number of quality, responsive, goal oriented staff with low turnover.
  • Growth Management Goal: York County manages growth in a way that improves the quality of life in the county and provides for balanced growth.
  • Roads Goal: York County builds and maintains roads that are safe and alleviate congestion.
  • Fire Service Goal: York County will have a unified fire service that protects the county's citizens and properties in a cost effective manner.
  • Economic Development Goal: York county creates an environment which leads to an increased commercial/industrial base and high paying jobs.
  • Capital Facilities Goal: York County funds capital facilities and facilities maintenance plans that enhance efficiency and customer service.

For additional information, please view  the detailed 2016 York County Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Quarterly Updates

Interested in learning more about York County's mission and vision, please review the County's Mission and Vision Statements.