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Highway 161 Booster Pump Station 

This new booster pump station, located at the corner of Hands Mill Highway and Highway 161, will pump potable water from Rock Hill to the city of York via the York County pipeline. The station, which consists of a 250,000 gallon glass lined water tank with two large booster pumps and to small jockey pumps, was completed in May of 2019 by Basinger Construction, our prime contractor. Keck and Wood were the design consultants on the project.

Stonecrest Force Main and Gravity Sewer

This project was an upgrade of an existing gravity sewer that runs from Highway 160 along the southern border of Tara Plantation. The new force main runs north from this point (where it dumps into the gravity line) along Highway 160 to Stonecrest Blvd, then up Stonecrest and Hubert Graham Way to Gold Hill Road. The proposed Stockbridge Regional Pump Station will eventually tie in at this point. This project was designed by Dewberry Engineering and built by RH Price.

​​Palmetto Pump Station

Palmetto Pump Station is a replacement of a smaller, older pump station at the rear of Palmetto Plantation subdivision. This new, modern pump station will serve the area much more efficiently. It ties into the new Stonecrest Forcemain and Gravity Sewer. This station was built by James E. Harris Construction Company. Dewberry Engineering designed this station.​

Langrum Branch Water and Gravity Sewer

New water and sewer lines on Langrum Branch Road serve the new York County Recycle Center. The eight-inch waterline runs from Highway 161 to the Recycle Center, while the eight-inch sewer runs down the road and ties to an existing City of York sewer line. It was completed in early 2018 by Dellinger Construction. The project was designed by Armstrong Glen Engineering. ​

Highway 161 Booster Pump Station


Palmetto Pump Station

Palmetto Pump Station 1