Current Studies

Western Water Study 

Update the water system model for the County’s western distribution system to reflect current system conditions. An updated model is needed due to the high growth in the Lake Wylie and surrounding areas. The updated study will model the existing western water distribution system and identify proposed capital improvements.

Heritage Sewer


  Evaluate the existing wastewater collection and transport system serving the New Heritage drainage basin in the interest of providing improved wastewater function to reduce and eliminate overflow problem areas. Also identify alternate routing of the existing gravity sewers and pump stations to transport wastewater flow to the recently completed New Heritage Pump Station.

County Wide Sewer Assessment

 This study is a multiyear project approach as funding is available. The current study includes the Survey and GIS mapping of the gravity sewer system in the Pleasant Road/Bailiwick/Beacon Knoll Area (referred to as North County). System evaluation includes flow metering for I/I and manhole inspection & condition assessment.

Springfield Outfall

  Evaluate the existing sanitary sewer from the Steel Creek Interceptor to the final manhole adjacent to Springfield Parkway (approximately 4,300 feet). Evaluation includes basin study, hydraulics, as-built survey and CCTV to determine if existing line needs replacement.