Current Studies

Regent Park Water Study

Our consultant, WK Dickson Engineering, is doing a comprehensive study and developing an updated water model of the Eastern water system, focusing on the Regent Park area. Increased growth and density in Regent Park (and the entire Eastern system) was the impetus for this study. This study is being extended to include newer information and to provide recommendation to York County for water system improvements. 

Sugar Creek Bank Stabilization

The growth and development in the Charlotte metro area, which includes northeastern York County, has had a powerful impact on our streams. Storm water run-off increases dramatically after rain events in Sugar and McAlpine Creeks, which has led to serious erosion issues since both creeks flow from Charlotte into York County before entering the Catawba River.  After one sewer line along Sugar Creek washed out (it was quickly repaired), and with erosion threatening another in the same area, York County contracted with Stewart Engineering and WK Dickson to re-establish and stabilize the bank of Sugar Creek in the Springfield area. Recommendations and design are pending.​

York County Water and Sewer Standards Update


York County's Water and Sewer Construction Standards and Detailed Drawings were last updated over a decade ago, so it was time to update and upgrade these documents.  Arcadis Engineering is highly experienced in this area and has been a great guide working with Utility and Engineering departments. This project should wrap up by early spring of 2020.

Western Sewer System Study

To ensure reliable service into the future, York County has launched a study of the its Western Sewer System. This system covers the western side of Lake Wylie from Highway 49, down Highway 274 to York Highway. This study, by Labella Engineering and Wooten Engineering, will evaluate pipe sizes, pump station capacities and future growth factors to help us see where improvements are needed. Our hope is that this study will allow us to be more proactive with new development in this area.

​Highway 21 / Carowinds Boulevard Sewer Line Assessment

To ensure reliable service into the future, Proposed widening of HIghway 21 in the Carowinds area created a need to examine our sewer lines along Highway 21 between I-77 and Pleasant Road. These are some of the oldest sewer lines in the York County sewer system.  Working with Gavel and Dorn Engineering, all sewer lines and manholes were inspected and rated.  We are taking this information to SC DOT to determine what our next step should be as they move forward with road widening there.

The map below shows current utility projects, plus several future and recently completed projects.

Last updated: January 2020