Current Studies and Design Projects

Sugar Creek Bank Stabilization

Substantial rain has created serious erosion and flooding problems throughout the county. Erosion along Sugar Creek washed out one force main sewer line (which has been repaired), and could potentially impact a gravity sewer line in the same area. To prevent this, we are working with Stewart Engineering and WK DIckson to re-establish and stabilize the creek bank in the Springfield area.

Lake Wylie Area Utility Infrastructure Studies

York County recently acquired from Blue Granite Utilities the privately-owned water and sewer utility that serves the Lake Wylie area. In order for York County to most economically make timely repairs and improvements, both the Engineering and Public Works departments will commission two studies. They will focus on the status of the newly-acquired systems, evaluating the problems in each, and recommending needed improvements. Each study will rank potential problems/needs in order of priority. York County Engineering will issue Requests of Qualifications to engineering firms in January. Evaluations of the RFQs will take place in February, and recommendations to County Council in March. Pending Council approval, these studies will proceed by early April 2023.


Last updated: December 2022