Current Studies and Design Projects

Sugar Creek Bank Stabilization

The amount of rain our area has received over the past ten months has created serious erosion and flooding problems throughout the county. Erosion along Sugar Creek washed out one force main sewer line (which has been repaired), and could potentially impact a gravity sewer line in the same area. To prevent this, we are working with Stewart Engineering and WK DIckson to re-establish and stabilize the creek bank.

Western Sewer System Study

To ensure reliable service into the future, York County has launched a study of its Western Sewer System. This system covers the western side of Lake Wylie from Highway 49, down Highway 274 to Highway 161 (York Highway). Conducted by LaBella Engineering and Wooten Engineering, this study will evaluate pipe sizes, lift station capacities and future growth factors to help us see where improvements are needed. This study will allow us to be more proactive with new development in this area.

Blankmanship Branch Basin Sewer System Study

This study is similar in kind to the Western Sewer System Study, but differs in that it is only one basin of the Eastern Sewer System, which comprises three drainage basins. It is being conducted by STV Engineering and their consultants and will, like the Western Study, evaluate this section of the system and its existing capacity to show us where improvements or repairs are needed. It will allow us to be more proactive with new development in the basin.

Steele Creek Force Main Replacement

This 30 inch force main will run from the Steele Creek bridge on US-21 to the Rock Hill Waste Water Treatment Plant on the Catawba River, a distance of approximately seven miles.  This design-build project is being done by HDR Engineering and State Utilities Construction.  While it is currently being studied and designed, we project permitting and easement acquisition to begin the summer of 2021 and construction to start in early 2022. 

Crowders Creek Lift Station Replacement

This sewage lift station in the Lake Wylie area is being upgraded. Design for the station will begin this summer, and it should be complete and ready to go out for construction bids in the summer of 2022.


Last updated: May 2021