US 21 Elevated Water Storage Tank

Our consultant, WK Dickson Engineering, is doing a comprehensive study and developing an updated water model of the Eastern water system, focusing on the Regent Park area. Increased growth and density in Regent Park (and the entire Eastern system) was the impetus for this study. 

Eastern System Waterline Loop Connections

This recently completed study evaluated the existing sewer system in this area, focusing on system improvement, as well as possible system degradation. Gavel and Dorn Engineering recommended some maintenance and minor repairs.

Highway 274 Sewer Force Main Replacement

The rain our area has received over the last ten months has created serious erosion and flooding problems throughout the county.  Erosion along Sugar Creek washed out one sewer line (which has been repaired), and could potentially impact a second sewer line in the same area. To prevent this, we are working with Stewart Engineering and WK Dickson to re-establish and stabilize the bank along Sugar Creek in the Springfield area.

Gold Hill Water Main Extension 

York County's Water and Sewer Construction Standards and Detailed Drawings were last updated over a decade ago, so it was time to update and upgrade these documents.  Arcadis Engineering is highly experienced in this area and has been a great guide working with Utility and Engineering departments. We hope to wrap up this project by early autumn.

New Heritage Gravity Sewer (Phase 2)

This new 24-inch sewer line will transport sewer flow from the old Regent Park Lift Station to the recently completed New Heritage Regional Lift Station. It will run south along Sugar Creek until it turns west toward Convention Drive to tie into the New Heritage Station. Michael Baker & Associates is currently completing design and easement acquisition. This project should go out for bid in the fall of 2019.