Crowders Creek Regional Lift Station

This new lift station will provide additional room for growth in the Lake Wylie area, and will address current odor issues there. The project has been approved for a $10 million grant, and will go out for bid in late summer 2023.

Stockbridge Gravity Sewer

A new gravity sewer line which will tie to the recently6 completed Stockbridge Regional Pump Station. It will allow the county to remove four pump stations, resulting in the entire area now flowing via gravity. To be bid in summer 2023.

New Heritage Phase 4 Gravity Sewer

This new sewer line will tie to the newly completed Phase 2 gravity line, and convey sewage more directly to the New Heritage Pump Station, reducing the threat of overflows in the Norwich Road area.  This project should go out to bid in fall 2023.

Carolina Container Gravity Sewer

This project will remove an old pump station and allow the sewer line on Flint Hill Road to flow via gravity rather than being pumped. To be bid in summer 2023.

Harper / Paraham Road Waterline

This waterline is the first phase of three, providing an alternate source of potable water to the Lake Wylie area.  It will run along Harper Road, to Paraham Road, to Campbell Road. To be bid in fall 2023.

Eastern System Meter Station

This meter station will measure the potable water that York County purchases for its Eastern System from the City of Rock Hill. To be bid in summer 2023.

Last updated: May 2023