• Steele Creek Pump Station Construct a new regional, wastewater pump station to replace the existing Steele Creek pump station.
  • US 21 North Elevated Water Storage Tank Construct a 1.5 million gallon (MG) elevated water storage tank (EST) in the northern portion of Fort Mill Township. Once constructed, this proposed tank will provide additional storage and dampen pressures fluctuations in York County’s eastern water system.
  • Stockbridge Regional Pump Station and Force Main Construct a new regional, wastewater pump station to replace several existing pump stations in the Stockbridge area. Project also includes force main and gravity sewer.  
  • SC Hwy 161 Booster Station Construct a new water booster station along Highway 161 (Newport area) to provide for existing and future water demands from the County’s customers as well as the City of York.
  • Eastern System Waterline Loop Connections Construct several waterline loop connections at various locations in the County’s existing eastern water system. These loop closures will provide a more efficient and balanced system overall.
  • Hwy 274 Sewer Force Main Replacement Replace approximately 28,000 feet of existing 12” force main with adequately sized force main to transport sewer from the Crowder’s Creek Pump Station to the Allison Creek Pump Station. The upsize and replacement is due to the substantial growth in Lake Wylie and along the Hwy 274 corridor.