Park Rules and Regulations

Unlawful Acts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Destroying, defacing, disturbing or removing any part of any building, sign, structure or equipment.
  • Destroying, cutting, breaking, removing, defacing, mutilating, injuring, taking or gathering any tree, shrub, other plant or plant part, rock, mineral, or geological feature except by permit.
  • Dumping any refuse or waste, including grey water, from any trailer or other vehicle except in places or receptacles provided for such use..
  • Operating vehicles in a reckless manner, or in excess of posted speed limits, or in areas other than those specifically intended for vehicular traffic.
  • Consuming or displaying in public any beverage of alcoholic content, including beer and wine or controlled substance.
  • Acting in a disorderly manner or creating any noise which would result in annoyance to others.
  • Entering a facility or area without regard to restrictions on public.

Pets Policy:  
Ebenezer park is pet friendly but pets must be kept on a leash. County Ordinance states that Pet Owners must pick up their pets body waste. For your convenience Pet Stations are located throughout the park.