Waste Reduction & Responsible Purchasing

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Part 1 of Recycling-Collection and Processing:
Recycling begins when the materials are placed into the recycling container.

Part 2 of Recycling-Manufacturing:
Materials are separated by commodity type, processed
into raw materials, then made into new products.

Part 3 of Recycling/Buy recycled:
Purchasing products with recycled content, prevents
the materials from going into the landfill, creates
demand for recycled products and helps sustain
local recycling programs.
made from recycled...paper bag

  • Consider shopping with reusable bags and using reusable containers for lunches or leftovers.

  • Avoid individually wrapped or single use items, when possible.

  • Buying in bulk can often reduce waste at the source. Consider buying in bulk if the item is something you regularly use such as dry goods, cleaning and office supplies.

  • Choose items packaged in recyclables containers.

  • Buy items made from recycled materials.

  • Manage your food waste and consider composting. http://sc-yorkcounty.civicplus.com/565/Composting-and-Food-Waste-Prevention

  • Donate items that you no longer need.

  • Try to find ways to reuse items rather than throwing them away.

Waste Reduction Resources

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