York County Thoroughfare Plan

York County Thoroughfare Plan Considerations

Where are we Planning?

The York County Thoroughfare Plan (YCTP) is the long-range plan for major transportation facilities in York County. The York County Thoroughfare Plan will cover the entirety of the jurisdictional limits of York County which includes the urbanized area within the Rock Hill-Fort Mill Area Transportation Study (RFATS) jurisdiction, the incorporated and urbanized areas of the municipalities, and the unincorporated and rural areas within York County. In short, the YCTP is a plan for the entire county. The YCTP will also link together existing long range transportation planning efforts with the County and region with the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and provide the Council and staff policy and action planning recommendations to guide future decision making.

What will the plan be?

The creation of the York County Thoroughfare Plan (YCTP) will be accomplished through the creation of a new street typology and a corresponding street design matrix. Together, these items will be organized around travel mode prioritization (influenced by systems level plans for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit), street function (considering block level role in the overall system including functional classification), and community context (land use urban form, and place). This approach will provide a comprehensive framework to communicate the strategy for each transportation corridor. A set of roadway typical sections will be created in support of the typology and design matric. The typical sections will serve to visually communicate the corridor strategy for individual corridor segments.

Why are we Planning?

Recent trends in development, both locally and across the nation, have changed the approach to roadway planning to allow for greater flexibility in thoroughfare design which better complements the surrounding land uses. This approach is based on the principles of context sensitive design. The Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Design Manual, written by the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Congress for the New Urbanism, provides guidance on how these principles can be implemented during the thoroughfare planning process. Opportunities for multi-modals corridors that advance economic development and create safer, more efficient transportation systems arise when the context of the roadway for corridor is considered during the planning and design process.

Below are the Tasks of the project:
Task 1: Project InitiationTask 2: Engagement
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Community work session
Task 3: Visioning
  • •Establish community values
  • •Identify performance criteria
  • •Evaluate the state of the current system
  • •Establish desired targets and initiatives
Task 4: Mobility Framework
  • •Identifying character, function, and mode hierarchy
  • •Transportation framework
Task 5: Inviting Success
  • •Integration tools
  • •Diagnostic asssessment
  • •Action Plan
Task 6: Plan Reporting
  • •Workbook
  • •Technical appendix
  • •GIS (Mapping)

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