Urban Development (UD) Zone rezoning Project


The Urban Development District is an antiquated zoning classification that, when adopted in 1987, provided the ultimate flexibility or “free-for-all” of land uses. The district permitted virtually all uses currently permitted in each of the other zoning classifications combined. Because of this flexibility and use by right Euclidean zoning and development, incompatible land uses were created throughout the county.  

On December 21, 2015 Council approved a Zoning Ordinance Text amendment that eliminated residential uses from the Urban Development (UD) District. The amendments purpose was a part of a sweeping change to residential density/use standards in the Zoning Code. Along with the UD District, residential uses were also eliminated from the BD-II district and multifamily/townhomes were eliminated from the RD-I district. This action was taken by the council in an attempt to curb the explosive residential growth experienced in the urbanized areas of Lake Wylie and Fort Mill. It was also was an attempt to reduce non-compatible uses occurring within the UD district


The significant number of parcels to consider (1,300) for proactive rezoning will require a substantial public outreach effort to include public meetings in each district., Social Media, and over the web There will also be a cost associated with the rezoning’s in the form of staff time, postage, signage supplies, and public hearing notices. Time is also a consideration. With the significant number of properties involved, Staff estimates the time necessary to complete the process is projected to occur over an 18-24 month period.  


Initiate a multi-step, multi-phased approach to manage the project that will include several public workshops and public feedback opportunities.