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-Floodplain Ordinance Changes-

On May 17, 2021, changes were made to the County's Floodplain Management Ordinance Chapter 151. The approved amendments are linked below. Feel free to call 803-909-7157 if you have questions regarding the changes.

2021 Floodplain Management Revisions - Chapter 151

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The Floodplain Management Division of the Planning and Development Services Department oversees the protection of floodplain and floodway areas of the County. The Floodplain Manager also implements regulations for development within the floodplain. These regulations have been set by various federal, state, and local agencies to preserve the function of natural floodplains and to prevent loss of life and property due to issues that may arise when natural water courses are altered. Complete the Flood Zone Determination form and return to see you are in a flood plain.


  • Review subdivision plans from developers' engineers and individual residential plans for compliance with York County, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resource design standards.
  • Reviews certificates of elevation.
  • Assist residents and developers to identify floodplain areas.
  • Develop and/or revise York County design standards and ordinances in order to properly review submitted documents from all possible sources.
  • Provide customer service and technical assistance to all York County departments, other government agencies, consultants, vendors, developers, public, etc. for all projects on an as needed basis.


York County residents are reminded to obtain permits for repairs to damaged structures within the floodplain. Due to the possible flooding event, many structures within the community may experience structural damage. Repairs and/or reconstruction activities to structures that are located in the floodplain and were damaged due to the event will require a floodplain development permit from the Environmental Compliance Department as required by the York County Floodplain Ordinance.

Failure to obtain the necessary permits can result in violations. For more information on the permitting process, contact Tammy Marain Floodplain Manager at 803-909-7157,  [email protected] or contact the Building & Codes Department at 803-909-7200.

This inspection is a requirement of the National Flood Insurance Program, however; you may encounter other inspection teams gathering different information for various programs.

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