Utility Information

Electric Utilities

Duke Energy provides electric power in York County, view the Duke Energy website. In certain areas, the York Electric Cooperative and the City of Rock Hill have jurisdiction, purchasing power from the Duke Energy on a wholesale basis.

York County Water & Sewer

York County provides Water and Sewer service to those in the County coverage area. For more information, view the Water and Sewer Department page.

Natural Gas

The York County Natural Gas Authority supplies natural gas throughout York County, for more information view the York County Natural Gas website. Carolina Pipeline Company, supplied by Southern Natural Gas and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation, is the Authority's source of supply.


There are a complete range of available services throughout York County including access to fiber optic trunk line that runs through the county, the services available include:
None of the above entities, except for York County Water/Sewer, are extensions of York County. The above list is for informational purposes only. York County is not endorsing the above entities.