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Pollution From Swimming Pools

Why? Swimming pools are a major source of chlorine pollution. Chlorinated water may disturb healthy bacterial growth and harm beneficial microorganisms. It can also prevent nutrient uptake essential to the growth of the plant, as well as alter pH levels.

Did you know that very low levels of chlorine is poisonous to fish.

Pool Maintenance

How can I make sure my pool and/or spa is not harming the environment?
  • Always read directions before using any pool chemicals.
  • Drain your pool or spa when absolutely necessary. A properly maintained pool or should only require draining every 5 years.
  • With the permission of the sanitary sewer owner, try and drain pools and spas into the sanitary system not the storm drain system.
  • Use a pool test kit to check that the chlorine levels before draining. Chlorine levels must be below 0.1 parts per million (ppm) to be drained into the street, gutter or storm drain system.
  • Never drain acid washing wastewater or other pool cleaning wastewater into the street or storm drain system.
  • Properly store all chemicals to avoid spilling.
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